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Honey I’m Home!

Posted in Introduction(s), SecondLife® with tags , , , , on December 13, 2008 by hawksrock

I seem to be going through a bit of a blog-dentity crisis atm.   I am having a hard time finding the exact right fit, that is both comfy to wear and stylish.   It isn’t like I have written for a million blogs, but I first began blogging on Verbal Stew, then Jell and I moved over to this site at FreeState.  After a few months I jumped on Wrath’s idea of forming a blog with Alex and Wrath which became Are We Not Men.   AWNM was going strong until my two compadres sort of disappeared, and left me with the reigns.   I was able to keep things moving along, but I didn’t feel like I was posting often enough.

With the ending of Mean Girls, I had the idea of trying to bring the best of AWNM together with MG, and everybody liked that idea, so The Rev was formed.   My thinking being that with a larger pool of writers, we wouldn’t have to post as often individually, but still provide good content on a regular basis.   I have had sort of an odd relationship with The Rev.   We pulled together a great pool of SL bloggers, and we were having success as measured by the typical indicators of traffic, comments, feedback, etc.     We had great posts, a good mix, but for some reason it just never quite felt comfortable.   Am I blogging too much, not enough, is everyone pulling their weight, etc etc etc.  Do we kick x person for not blogging, but then allow y person a hiatus?   It was beginning to feel a little too much like work, and I tend to run from work during my entertainment time.   🙂

So in the end as many of these things happen, I am coming back home to write with Jell, which is how I began my blogging career in the first place.   The two of us are going to focus our efforts on FreeState and try to get back to doing some of the old funner things (like JH reports) as well as several new ideas that we have been discussing.   My guess is that we will be writing more than we were on the Rev, but if we take on longer projects like JH reports, those tend to suck up a lot of time.

I apologize for bouncing around on everybody so much for a while, but if you want to follow the Jell and Hawks show, then this is the place to be!   We are done jumping around, and we are hanging the drapes here.   I am pretty excited about some stuff we are discussing, so I am looking forward to some upcoming things we can share with you.   If there is anything you want an opinion or discussion of, then feel free to send it to us.   If you can count on anything from us, it is that we will have an opinion!   🙂


I could be a better blogger but that takes effort…

Posted in Real Life, SecondLife® with tags , , , on October 25, 2008 by ♥JellyBean♥

… and effort is seriously lacking over here George. I did however start a post over on I Came, I Vent. Yah, I said “started” but I did go ahead and post it. It just seems incomplete because I didn’t go all full on vent-ifical. A girl needs her coffee and breakfast panini before she can dive into such a thing, ya know. In fact, as I was nahming down on my Global Cafe wholesome goodness – part of a complete yumgasmic breakfast, I realized how completely stupid and laughable the whole sitch was to blog about. Normally drama pops up and I either find entertainment value in it (Shup! don’t even act like you don’t) or I don’t waste any time deciding that I don’t care enough about it to have an opinion. I believe I will eventually go back to it only because the *one* side of the story told was so completely off base and ignorant. That’s enough reason for me to jump on a soapbox, I tell you what.

Anyways, *sneeze* Free State has gotten a lil dusty, eh? Well let me tidy up around here some and share with ya… ZOMBIE WALK 2008! Oh yes, incoming REAL LIFE ALERT! Stop reading here if you ever thought this was an SL only blog. I’d hate to feel responsible for ripping you out of your delusions.

Drum roll please….

If you have no idea what this is, want more info, or just wanna find out when/where one is close to you please visit the central webby – Zombie Walk. This was completely new to us. Hawks told me about 4 days prior that we were going. Who knew so many people would not only show up but also be so purely entertaining and theatrical? It was fun! A zombie walk is basically a flash mob of people dressed like zombies, meeting at an appointed place and sort of following a planned route.

The idea is to have enough zombies together that the group takes on a life of its own. There is no *real* leader but there may be an organizer or two. That way if anyone asks you who’s leading this weird group of zombies, the only appropriate answers are either “I don’t know” or “braaaaains…”

We met up at 8 p.m. Thursday Oct. 23rd at the South Park Gazebo here in downtown Lawrence. From there we headed north down Massachusetts street for plenty of interaction with the early evening human crowd.

How do you become a zombie? That’s easy. Wear some torn up clothes that maybe you’ve rubbed around in dirt, put some make-up on your face and break-out the fake blood! There really aren’t any rules when it comes to putting on your zombie face. Just don’t be afraid of the blood.

You can view my photo stream on Flickr of the pics that I took. Hawks said it best when he said that the pics are okay but without the sights and sounds you cannot fully appreciate it. Soooooo… I found video. I rock like that. Since I was to lazy to find a way to embed it you can watch it here.

Okay I am now spent. Haha! And I still have my Rev post to do at some point today!

Plurk killed the blogging star!

Posted in Observations with tags , , on August 17, 2008 by hawksrock

I think plurk is killing the blogosphere as more and more bloggers are migrating over. What the hell is plurk you ask? Plurk is the new and improved Twitter type application that lets people stay in contact across the timeline of their day. You accumulate Karma by attracting friends, plurking in short bursts of 140 character thoughts, and then having people respond to your amazing thought provoking topic such as: “Should I eat corn chex or frosted flakes for breakfast?”

Plurk provides some really cool advantages in that it allows you to keep in touch with friends you have who are outside of your time zone. Also if your job doesn’t allow you access to a computer during the day like myself, then you can still see what the hot topics were for the day amongst your friends and throw all your thoughts on the topic out at the end of the day in one fell swoop. It is an improvement over twitter in that you can easily follow threads of conversation, and quickly weed out those that are of little or no interest to you. I have found it to be a great way to get back in touch with many of my SL friends, as so many of us are spending less time in SL and more in other pursuits such as WoW or LOTR. Another cool feature is the ability to stream content from YouTube, flickr, and other platforms as part of the thread to share funny, amusing, or heart wrenching content in an easy to view format.

Plurk however is not without it’s abusers as well. Do you really care to read every action somebody is making, or is it just a ploy to keep the individuals karma up? I find that I tend to fall into a trap at times of just saying “Hi, I’m here”, and “Bye, I’m leaving or going to bed.” So far I have resisted weeding down my friends list, but I think that a few will be getting removed at some point soon, just because I find myself kinda bored sifting through their updates. Public displays of affection are great, but if that is more than 50% of your plurks then the reading populace is gonna get bored with it, and probably a lil annoyed. There are other social climbers out there just trying to gather attention for themselves by building a huge friends list, and getting their lil boost of ego each day. I am beginning to train myself to focus on getting quality content, and who cares about the karma aspect. Plurk and work don’t go hand in hand anyways.

My biggest complaint about plurk though is that I find myself a lot more tempted to turn a witty observation on the day into a 140 character plurk, and I am avoiding taking the time to actually sit down and develop the idea into a blog post. It is right there, easy to do, and you get immediate feedback from other users who are monitoring their timelines. Everybody is different, but for me a blog post is work. I enjoy doing it, but it takes me a while to actually sit down and write one. Plurk on the other hand is easy, and I get more comments via plurk than I do via blog post. I have covered before how I enjoy getting feedback on my posts, even if it is from the religious right crackheads. Therefore, in my case at least I really think Plurk is reducing the number of blogs I write, because I am already communicating my thoughts with my readers through Plurk. It is sort of the low-calorie blogging alternative.