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16 Things about Hawks

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1)  I have travelled to 27 countries to date:  USA, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago, Panama, El Salvador, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Czech Rep, Hungary.  (If Vatican City counts then 28 )

2)  I am the oldest of 7 siblings, and I am still very close to all of them.   Ironically, I may be closest to the youngest who is 18 years younger.

3)  I am extremely competitive at anything and everything that can be measured.

4)  I have learned the hard way that money does not buy you happiness.

5)  I am drawn to people who have a passion for living and doing no matter how odd their hobby or interests.

6)  I started working at the age of 12 mowing lawns, and have been working ever since.

7) My father put me to work in a beef-packing plant at the age of 18 to “learn the value of my education.”

8)  I wrote a senior thesis on the African-American influx into Kansas following the Civil War – a group that was known as the Exodusters.

9)  I was a history major in college even though I can never remember names or dates, but I really love good stories and the best stories are often real.

10)  I have a habit of getting really excited about something for a while, but once I figure it out I get bored and never do it again.

11)  I would say the adjectives most often attributed to me by others are probably things like stubborn and/or cocky.

12)  I am typically optimistic, and I always try to put a positive spin on things, but at times it is impossible, and those times are very depressing.

13)  I try to laugh and joke and goof around as much as possible, because humor is one of my favorite things.

14)  My toes are double jointed (so I can pick things up quite easily with them) and I had 6 wisdom teeth instead of four, so by many standards I am an evolutionary regression.

15)  My parents moved a lot when I was growing up as my dad was promoted through different positions.   At one point in my life, I was in 6 different schools in 5 years.

16)  I have a downright fetish for ice-cream.   Jell doesn’t seem to understand the compulsive need to go get a chocolate milkshake even though it is below freezing outside.


16 Things that you never needed to know about JellyBean/Kimberlee!

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I was  tagged by Ana Lu! It was originally done on Flickr but Hawks said it should go here too. So here is 16 things about me that you never needed or wanted to know…

1 – I use to be a store manager of an auto parts store, but I’m not big on working on cars.

2 – I procrastinate about almost everything.

3 – For the 1st time ever, I followed my heart & moved to Kansas in Feb of last year.

4 – I’m very competitive & strong willed, I’m not exactly an easy one to break.

5 – When I feel emotional, I write privately or publicly.

6 – I just learned to love caramelized onions.

7 – I would rather visit an art museum over going on a nature hike.

8 – I’ve learned that getting to know someone takes a lot of time but carpooling is just enough time.

9 – I am a jealous person, it’s a fatal flaw. I do not share well, never have.

10 – I mostly consider myself an only child even though I have older siblings because they moved out when I was still young.

11 – I feel very lucky to have the job I have with a self-taught education in CSS/HTML.

12 – I am extremely sensitive, but unless you’re close to me, you’d probably never know.

13 – I am overly opinionated but rarely regret things I say.

14 – I like to get my nails/toes done at minimum once a month because it makes me feel pretty.

15 – I own more red/blue now that I’ve moved to Kansas then I ever have in my entire life.

16 – My real name is Kimberlee, and I hate being called Kim.

Now I know I’m suppose to tag 16 other people but I don’t want to, so…

**I tag Rosie Shark, HawksRock Gunawan, Akasha Nyak, and Alexander Burgess**

O Hai! Remmy me?

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I saw this meme over on Alicia’s blog. Normally I ignore most memes & challenges because theres just so many and sometimes you just need to stop the madness. I do my part by not participating, it’s my choice but by all means people, if you enjoy it… however this one was so me! Pet Peeves, I haz em!

*Disclaimer: JellyBean’s views are just that… they belong solely to her so do not attempt to hold any of her friends or her boyfriend responsible for what spews out of her mouth cause that just makes you ignorant. Thanks

Name 3 of your SL pet peeves. They don’t have to make sense and they can be totally crazy, but just name 3 things that bug you and discuss!

1. Freebies on FreeStyle. Again, I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again after this too… JUST BECAUSE IT’S FREE DOESN’T MAKE IT GOOD! I have now associated the word free with things that are crap. Which may be completely unfair but hey, true story.

2. People who look at people as if they’re SLebrities &/or get starstruck. It’s nice to have rose colored blinders on but seriously admire people for talent without the OMG *squee* Hoopla! At the end of the day we’re all just real people behind real computer monitors.

3. Lucky Chairs! Okay not necessarily the lucky chair itself because the poor chair is just an innocent bystander to the mobs upon mobs of asses that are placed in it every time it screams a random letter. I’m not opposed to lucky chairs, I’ve sat in a few but never have I ever camped for my letter to come up or followed a pack of hungry drooling lucky chair gangs. My theory is, if it’s good [the item within the lucky chair] I’ll just buy it but I’m less likely to go buy it if I have to swim past a sea of people waiting to pounce the lucky chair. BLEH!

Okay that is all. kkthnxbai *waves*