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1,750 miles later…

Posted in Real Life with tags , , , , on September 7, 2009 by ♥JellyBean♥

We’re finally back home after trekking across 7 states (Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia & Alabama) and putting 1,750 miles on the odometer. I have to say the leaving Thursday after work was the best idea I ever had. We ended up splitting the 13 hour drive in half by getting a hotel room Thursday night in Paducah, KY. The boys were really good too, which was absolutely amazing!

We arrived at my Mom’s house Friday early evening-ish and were greeted by my two older sisters, my Mom, my Pops and a few of their local friends. My Mom looked really good. I think I was expecting much worse, but she’s a strong woman. Most definitely.

My sister Vicki & I are probably the closest and I’m going to bet that’s mostly because we’re closer in age & just “get” eachother. Haha! I knew Hawks & I were going to be in danger if we didn’t have Mnt Dew in the house while we were there 4 days. I had asked to go to the store and of course, Vicki, or better “Lack-Of-Direction” Vicki was the only one who offered me a lift. My Pops offered up his truck, which is his beloved TRUCK, only after a long list of dos and definite don’ts.

We left Hawks, the boys, my older sister Debi & my parents there while we went “joy riding” in Pops’ truck. Of course as soon as Vicki pulled out of the drive way she went right when she should have gone left. As soon as I mentioned to her that I thought town was to the left, she realized she screwed up & started panicking that my Pops probably saw us go the wrong way. She quickly remembered that Pops had taken her earlier in the day to a neighbor’s house and he had forgotten his hat there. Well since it was already the direction we were heading she suggested we could use that as an excuse as to why we turned right instead of left… “Pops we thought since we were out, we’d pick up your hat *good samaritan smiles & eye lash flutters*”

The only down side is she had only been to the neighbor’s house once & we had to guess the way since all country back roads look the same to us city folk. What is it that my Mom says? Oh yes… “Oh it’s just down the road a’piece.” We ended up on this one road where it looked like an entire family was out on their porch drinking from jars. One kid with a bright yellow cast on one arm was hanging from a tree with his good arm which was right next to the full size REAL horse that was tied to the porch railing next to a kiddie pool. “We’re no longer in Kansas,” I said jokingly and she says “No doubt, we’re definitely in Bama.”

We finally find the neighbor’s house after almost getting into a head on collision with a beat up truck going at least 60 mph down the narrow (1 car wide) dirt road we had to take to get up to the house. If you’ve ever been to Borden Springs, AL. you’d know everything there is on a hill… we pull up and Vicki puts on the emergency break & runs up to the house to get Pops’ hat. I wait in the truck since I was nervous about the stray dogs chillaxin around the property and I was just catching my breath from the near death experience of the almost-collision.

After 10 minutes Vicki returns to the truck with Pops’ hat & explains that she told the neighbor to call my parents’ house & let them know that we had just picked up the hat (to further the story that we knew which way town was, we went right instead of left to grab hat). Then Vicki realizes she has no idea how to disengage the emergency break after accidentally popping the hood. Remember I said everything is on a hill there? Well yeah, the truck was facing DOWNHILL when she told me to hop out and close the hood while she fiddled with getting the e-brake off. Oh sure, I’ll go stand in front of the truck on a hill! Right! As I get the hood closed, she releases brake & I quickly get out of the way as she slams both feet onto the brake to keep from running me over. The whole time this is HILARIOUS. Scary and hilarious. I hadn’t even been there more than a couple hours & I already had my favorite story.

We finally head back towards town, waving & smiling with the hat as we pass my parents’ house (later we realized they didn’t even know we had turned the wrong way to begin with). My first day there & my only day I got to spend with Vicki before she left to fly back to California. After that it was Debi, my parents & us til last night when my older brother arrived. I have a lot more stories to tell, none as funny as the one with Vicki, but still stories from the trip. Tonight though I need to rest up, I have work tmw. Sweetest dreams.