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CHALLENGE: What Do You Wear Under There?

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I promised my Alykins that I’d do this. It took me longer than I had hoped because I’ve been uber busy & uber sick. Better late than never, right? The original challenge is posted over on SL Blogger Challenge Central. That’s where I go to pick & choose my challenges because, well, some are just dumb. This one was my Aly’s so, of course, it’s not dumb. It goes like this:


  • Show us your favorite/unusual undies/negliege/jammies/whatever.
  • Open to guys and girls
  • Mix it up, mash it up, fluff it up….get creative! (Think what you can do with a construction hat….maybe…)
  • Make sure to list what you are wearing and from where.  We want to look sexy too!
  • Extra points given to creative poses and scenery (oh my, that just opened a floodgate, didn’t it?)

I’m using this pic I took last week that I titled “The Piano”, hope it’s fluffy enough for Aly.

What I’m wearing:

Hair: Deviant Kitties – Hezza – Blonde Fire (tinted *my* pink)

Skin: The Abyss – Jadzia_Illicit[3]B Skin

Earrings: Blue Blood – Skully Earrings (from the +++BB+++ Skully outfit)

Lingerie: Insolance – Clara White Satin

Bedroom set: The Loft by Colleen Desmoulins – The Stephanie collection

Piano: Musical Alchemy – Concert Grand Piano v4.02


Jelly on Fash: Renegade & Spring Fever!

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You feelin it? Spring fever? It’s warming up here in Kansas. Hawks & I have been spending a lot of time outdoors in between workin & puter timeage. Though I loved the boots and winter fash that was spit out last SL® season, it’s refreshing to feel that we can officially start stripping down layers (Hawks taught me the layer system), inhale fresh breezes & sport skimpier *new* releases in SL®.

It’s no secret that I have always loved Kaejo DaSilva’s (a.k.a KO of Renegade) sense of style and/or that I’ve milked him for all the freebies that I could get. I’m a little bias but with great reason, he’s got skills, yO. Before my puter took a major dump on me two weeks ago, KO passed me a folder of “Racing Sweat Outfits”. Unfortunately I’m super late posting this but kinis are always in season.

Yes, I know I said “Racing Sweats” but in my folder I found tops, kinis, drawstrings & realized he did not pass me the pants! *gasp* No worries! I love love love love love KO’s kinis (reference: [Renegade] New Bikini Bomber Pack from the Verbal Stew archives). He is the one GUY that does them right imho.

Tsk Tsk KO, Mr. Anti-Cleavage shirts, you’re actually letting us show our hinnys in these thongs again! Yay! These kinis actually come in full outfit sets (not shown here) – Kini top, Crop top, Racing thong, Racing sweats, crew socks AND Racing Street shoes. Uh huh! Oh yah! I would tote take a pic of the entire set (since he finally gave me pants) but that would so take away from the gratuitous kini shots. :p Kidding… You can get your asses down to Renegade now & buy these babies up. You know you wanna!

“Your mileage may vary,” “for a limited time only,” and “batteries not included” or some shit. Where is my Fine Print Guy when I need him? Oh yah, I forgot to mention that KO seems to think he’s a blogger now… hah! So feel free to chickity check out his blog as well for new releases and stuff – [Renegade]

*Almost* Necessary Store Ad:


Jelly on Fash: Schism Review

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Schism is a new store that advertises itself as…

“… the new store for neko/emo/punk desires. Offering handmade clothing varying with different colors and designs on cheap prices affordable to anyone who wants to change their appearance and reflect their style through the clothes.

I had never heard of Schism by In10sE Iwish, it could be because it’s new and/or because I’m not in SL® much anymore. Rofl. I rarely get review copies and I’m guessing it’s because I’m no longer a fashionista reviewer, but these came in a review pack.

Here’s what I think… I feel that these are awesome textures, seriously. The textures & graphics kick ass… However these tops are far from great. They are missing the tiny details that make the tops inworld realistic & not nooblet-ish. For instance, no seams on clothing is a good thing in most cases. I’m not talking about that though because these are seamless in that respect but also lacking the realistic seams around the neck line, bottom, and sleeves.

You can click to enlarge the pics above to see how pixelated the cuts look. Again the graphics are great but the design is lacking. It’s amazing what a difference paying attention to the little details make. I did find one top in the store that looked like the designer attempted to make it look like it had a clear definition of cuts…

The ends still looked pixelated to me. I believe that In10sE Iwish has the potential to go from okay to great, especially if the textures continue to be awesome. I look forward to watching him perfect his craft by paying more attention to the details that really matter (i.e a little wrinkle here & there, realistic cuts, and more variety).

Hitting the end of SL?

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It’s enough to cause one to start drinkin’! Where oh where has all the innovative, inspiring, cutting-edge, newness in SecondLife gone? And why don’t people get it? For instance… Babydolls (in top or actual dress form) seriously suck, make you look knocked up, and are not all that sexy (take a poll). That is just one example of a tired trend that just doesn’t seem to die off for lord only knows why.

I feel as if I have hit the end of the road in SL shopping. Either I am not noticing the new or the new isn’t good enough to be noticed. I do need to hand it to Callie Cline (no, you did not read that wrong). She has gone & created something new that I have not seen before or will probably ever see again. No, it’s not another caLLie cLine rainbowa, but rather her new fLawLess “eye fLashes“. (as seen below)

These are different, very different and it’s nice to see even older designers going out on a limb. However, I would never purchase these for myself, nor keep them if they were given to me. Drag Queens are probably kissing her feet & feeding her grapes. Okay before I get any more “zOMG be nice to poor Callie you big meanie poopoo head” comments – I’d like to once again point out that I am calling her innovative, and creative. She took some creative initiative to produce these babies, and just because I am so anti-ever wearing them, doesn’t mean everyone else is as opposed.

As SL is progressing into newer things such as an inworld browser window, confusing us with the new contacts list separate from IM, and moving our say/shout buttons… I feel that fashion too should evolve already as well. It’s not enough to make a skirt outfit and re-texture it a million times to sell. Most consumers aren’t that naive not to notice. Hah! I just realized I’ve vented this same vent before. Go me! Nice to know things “still” have not changed.

How do you feel about the current state of the SL fashion world as a consumer, as a designer? Could it be because of all the content theft, designers have become more apprehensive about creating? Is it more comfy to stay within the normalcy of what has been done rather than do something ultra-new? Or has all of the creative spark been sucked into a black hole of yawn?