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First Scupltie

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This was my first sculptie made 2 years ago using plop. It was also my last sculptie. LOL

JellyBean Madison: you really hate my flower?
HawksRock Gunawan: no, honestly I like it on the wall
HawksRock Gunawan: i was just messing with you
JellyBean Madison: uhuh
HawksRock Gunawan: i think it is really cool that you made it, and honestly it does sorta fit the decor
HawksRock Gunawan: i think i liked it better a lil smaller, but I can always edit it later when you aren’t on
JellyBean Madison: :/


Going to the chapel And we’re gonna get married…

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We sorta gave up on telling our story I think. Haha! Well I have news… BIG NEWS! It’s huge!!!

Let me start with this:

That right there folks is my RL honest to goodness engagement ring! The RL Hawks proposed to me last Wednesday June 24th 2009. And of course I said “YES!” followed by a tackle hug!

How’d it go down? Well let’s just say I was completely surprised!

He sent me a text message that arvo saying “I’m pooped, I think I’m going to take a nap.” “Okay fine!” I thought (I hate when he takes naps cause I get really jealous that he can). So all the way home I’m telling Kelso… “I’m not going to call him, nope. Let him sleep & I’m going to take some necessary me time. Screw him & his naps, right?”

I drop her off at her car & head home. Pulling into my parking spot, I look for his car. He’s not here, must still be sleeping. Pfft! So I check my mail, and unlock my front door.


I opened the door to an apartment filled with flowers, rose petals & tea lights everywhere. Probably enough tea lights to make not only my apartment manager nervous, but also the Lawrence fire department. Following the trail to my bedroom, I find my man muffin laying on my bed that is also covered in petals. “Special occassion? Did I miss something?” Nope… apparently a guy can feel that a “little wooage is nice once in awhile”. So of course I’m completely woo’d and still a little skeptical.

(Fast Forward past steamy sex scenes 1, 2, 3 & 4)

So we’re laying there and I ask, “Okay so did you not nap or what?” To which he replied with, “How would I of napped when I was picking up this?” *handing me a box with a ribbon*


I open the box & OH MY FREAKING… OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUSNESS!!! Inside lay the most perfect 14k white gold ring with the most perfect pink sapphire accented on both sides with two small diamonds. *jaw drop*

“Will you marry me?” He asks…

“OH HELLS YES!” “YES YES YES YES” *tackle hug* *thump*

And there ya have it. *beams*


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Here it is, my first machinima done in true Jelly Music Video form in like for-ev-er! Enjoy!
A girl with an exceptionally hot body but an exceptionally ugly face. Everything but-her-face is attractive.
Damn look at the cans on that girl butterface would scare small children and large dogs away.

Tank Girl

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So as long as I have known Jell she has wanted to make some sort of Tank Girl machinima.   She had all the props, the look, even several alts already decked out for all the lead roles.   It just never quite came together… until….    this past month.

We have always kicked around doing Tank Girl, but we knew we wanted to try and make it something bigger and badder than our normal videos which set a storyline to a song.   For this one we wanted voice, and actors, and explosions and all that jazz.   I have never messed much with sound editing, and I found that it is quite a chore to shoot a battle scene by layering in all the different guns, explosions, reloads, and such at the right time.

In the end, we want to thank all the people who helped this vid come together.   In particular, Miike for always being willing to come out on a moment’s notice to shoot or reshoot a scene.   We also want to thank Flix Saiman for teaching us how to blow up an outhouse. Overall, I am pretty happy with the results.   Most of all we learned a lot about sound editing, and even one scene which had stop motion animation in it.  These are all new tools for the arsenal, which we will be able to use in future JH productions.

For now, enjoy the show…

At least I have a positive attitude about my destructive habits…

Posted in Observations with tags , , on May 22, 2009 by ♥JellyBean♥

Excuse me while I get on *my* selfish, self-centered, superior, holier than thou soapbox of why I don’t give a shit…

*adjusts her prims & flips her flexi-hair*

I’m not a sheep, I don’t care to be loved by the residents of SecondLife, be popular or even be invited to the in-crowd’s lunch table. I take full blame or credit (depending on the day) for everything that I do & things that I may say. Like the title says, I’m pretty okay with all that.

Yes, I play SL, oh did I say that? “Play SL”? Of course I do. I don’t live there anymore like I use to and I found that reality on the outside is a pretty damn good place. Okay so you can’t change the sky with windlight… but living in Kansas, you don’t have to. It’s on a 5 minute timer and changes on it’s own. Not to mention that it’s quickly approaching summer and my friend Kelso says Vitamin D from real sun rays is good for you.

With all that said, I find most things in SL completely laughable. I know some residents are die-hards like I use to be and easily get butt hurt over the stupidest virtual things. So I do still have a soft spot because trust me, I do remember. I also know that not everyone has my sense of humor. Sometimes it seems a little sick & twisted but honestly I’m not truly a vengeful person.

So this blog post is to those out there that don’t “get me”… it’s okay you don’t have to but if you could pull your heads a little further out of your virtual asses & read into things how they actually are (in a humorous way) you’re lives would be a little less dramz and a lil more *squee*.

*bows, steps of soapbox, trips, gets up & tries to walk away gracefully*

Vampires Don’t Sparkle!

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So I play Zyngo a lot. Shup! I don’t ask you what you do all day! Anyways… I happen to meet a lot of interesting people at good ole’ Zyngo.

Willow Vamp: hey there
HawksRock Gunawan: hi Willow
Willow Vamp: would you two like to become vampires?
Willow Vamp: great people, fun times
JellyBean Madison: when did vampires ask first?
HawksRock Gunawan: we are actually vampire hunters
Willow Vamp: I always ask
Willow Vamp: I would never just bite someone
HawksRock Gunawan: your just lucky i have a zyngo game going or I would be able to find my weapons
Willow Vamp: i met some great friends through it
Willow Vamp: find those weapons
Willow Vamp: i fear no human
HawksRock Gunawan: lol
Willow Vamp: where you from?
HawksRock Gunawan: SL, how about you?
Willow Vamp: okay then
Willow Vamp: nevermind
Willow Vamp: friendly people

2 Years Ago Today…

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HawksRock Gunawan took a chance with a girl in SecondLife that didn’t meet his original criteria. Even though they were good friends for months, it wasn’t until after a long hammock talk that it was agreed that they’d become a couple.

Almost a year later…  after many SL adventures from DJ’ing, machinima, blogging and even a wedding…. that girl took a chance on him and moved from Hawaii to the flat state of Kansas.

That girl is me… JellyBean Madison & I cannot imagine my life as it was before or any differently than it is today.

Happy Anniversary my heart – Here’s to many more years together. Forever & for always!


*Heart, mind, soul & whowho taken by HawksRock Gunawan in SL on 5/5/07 and in RL on 2/9/08*