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I’ll always be with you

Posted in Real Life with tags , , , , on August 7, 2009 by ♥JellyBean♥

“If ever there is a tomorrow when we’re not together, there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart. I’ll always be with you.”

Winnie the Pooh was one smart bear!

Love you Bunky.


Love is the answer…

Posted in SLove & Romance with tags , on March 5, 2009 by ♥JellyBean♥


True love brings happiness. If you have it, you really don’t need anything else. If you don’t, no matter what else you have, it will never be enough to make you happy.

Even when you have love you worry about losing it, and so you read articles to find out how to keep it. And if you have already lost love, you read articles to find out how to get it back.

They say that if you hold on to love too tightly, it will slip through your fingers, like trying to hold water in your hands… Or if you do not hold on to it tightly enough you may lose it.

If you love the wrong things or love for the wrong reasons, you will soon discover that the object of your love was not what you wanted after all. And yet it is right to want love and to look for it, because love is natural.

But true love is not something that disappears easily.

True love is eternal and unconditionally. It is strong and unbreakable, and makes your life a joyful one.

When love is real, it becomes a mirror that we hold for each other and in that mirror only the best and most beautiful things are seen.

How Do You Know If She Loves You?

Posted in Fun & Games, Real Life, SLove & Romance, Uncategorized with tags , , on December 19, 2008 by ♥JellyBean♥

If shes willing to go meet your parents for the first time knowing that she is trapped there no matter what because they live 324654545457 miles away and you drove… she loves you.

If she calls you at work during the day to ask, “What’s gnu?” in her cute way… she loves you.

If she finds your snoring “comforting”… she loves you.

If she puts up with an entire plethora of  bad Christmas tuneage the DAY before Thanksgiving on a long-distance road trip… she loves you.

If her parents love you… she loves you, probably.

If her parents hate you… she might love you, too.

If she loves you, if she really loves you, you’ll know it. If you can wake up to her staring at you and it’s not even mildly creepy, if you catch her smelling the shoulder of the jacket you lent her for the winter and not for B.O., if she makes you pancakes even though you hate them, if she calls you on her carpool home giggling madly, if she laughs at your jokes when they’re funny and makes fun of you when they’re not, if she shares her mother’s homemade fudge that only comes at Christmas time every year, if she tells you how she wishes she had higher self-esteem and it makes her sad: She loves you, of course she loves you.

And with a love like that, you know you should be glad.

Happy Anniversary – Love you more!

Posted in Holidays, Real Life, SLove & Romance with tags , on May 5, 2008 by hawksrock

Wow, so nothing quite like a candlelit slow dance, with a nice set of music playing, as one layer after another comes off for an hour or so.   I mean dinner was nice too, but nothing quite like the slow dance.   🙂   So one whole year is in the books, and I don’t care if it is SL or RL the feelings are the same, just the way we execute the moves is a lil different.  You have made me extremely happy, and I look forward to being even happier over the next 25 years.   Here’s to making the 25th as memorable as the first!!   We spent a lot of the night retelling our favorite moments, events, and transitions from the last year, and then speculating about the year to come.   Let’s just keep Disney as the script writer, and make sure the Wachowski brothers don’t buy any rights to it, and we will be just fine!

Love you baby, and I am very appreciative of the wonderful person you are.

Happy 1 whole year Anny my heart!

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It’s gonna get a lil mushy here. If you have cheese allergies, please be advised this post contains such dairy.

It’s been one year today since Hawks & I had our hammock talk (coming up in the next part of Our Story) – that means that we’ve officially been a couple for a whole YEAR! The first 7 months was purely SL. After that we entered RL to see if there was an “us” out there beyond the HawksRock & JellyBean. Lo & behold, the answer is “Yup!”

Dearest Hawks…

You have been the greatest thing that has ever happened in my SLife/Life. You gave me hope when I didn’t believe in it, inspiration when I was stuck, motivation when I felt lazy, initiative when I thought there was no cause, happiness in times I thought I’d never smile again, and in good times & bad (we’ve had some) you always stuck by me, even when I gave you an “out.” Thank you for who you are and what you mean to me. I love you more today than I did yesterday & I look forward to much more happiness with you!


*Your* Jell

For Always & Forever! Mwah!