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Hitting the end of SL?

Posted in Fashion with tags , , , , , , on March 15, 2008 by ♥JellyBean♥

It’s enough to cause one to start drinkin’! Where oh where has all the innovative, inspiring, cutting-edge, newness in SecondLife gone? And why don’t people get it? For instance… Babydolls (in top or actual dress form) seriously suck, make you look knocked up, and are not all that sexy (take a poll). That is just one example of a tired trend that just doesn’t seem to die off for lord only knows why.

I feel as if I have hit the end of the road in SL shopping. Either I am not noticing the new or the new isn’t good enough to be noticed. I do need to hand it to Callie Cline (no, you did not read that wrong). She has gone & created something new that I have not seen before or will probably ever see again. No, it’s not another caLLie cLine rainbowa, but rather her new fLawLess “eye fLashes“. (as seen below)

These are different, very different and it’s nice to see even older designers going out on a limb. However, I would never purchase these for myself, nor keep them if they were given to me. Drag Queens are probably kissing her feet & feeding her grapes. Okay before I get any more “zOMG be nice to poor Callie you big meanie poopoo head” comments – I’d like to once again point out that I am calling her innovative, and creative. She took some creative initiative to produce these babies, and just because I am so anti-ever wearing them, doesn’t mean everyone else is as opposed.

As SL is progressing into newer things such as an inworld browser window, confusing us with the new contacts list separate from IM, and moving our say/shout buttons… I feel that fashion too should evolve already as well. It’s not enough to make a skirt outfit and re-texture it a million times to sell. Most consumers aren’t that naive not to notice. Hah! I just realized I’ve vented this same vent before. Go me! Nice to know things “still” have not changed.

How do you feel about the current state of the SL fashion world as a consumer, as a designer? Could it be because of all the content theft, designers have become more apprehensive about creating? Is it more comfy to stay within the normalcy of what has been done rather than do something ultra-new? Or has all of the creative spark been sucked into a black hole of yawn?