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Plurk killed the blogging star!

Posted in Observations with tags , , on August 17, 2008 by hawksrock

I think plurk is killing the blogosphere as more and more bloggers are migrating over. What the hell is plurk you ask? Plurk is the new and improved Twitter type application that lets people stay in contact across the timeline of their day. You accumulate Karma by attracting friends, plurking in short bursts of 140 character thoughts, and then having people respond to your amazing thought provoking topic such as: “Should I eat corn chex or frosted flakes for breakfast?”

Plurk provides some really cool advantages in that it allows you to keep in touch with friends you have who are outside of your time zone. Also if your job doesn’t allow you access to a computer during the day like myself, then you can still see what the hot topics were for the day amongst your friends and throw all your thoughts on the topic out at the end of the day in one fell swoop. It is an improvement over twitter in that you can easily follow threads of conversation, and quickly weed out those that are of little or no interest to you. I have found it to be a great way to get back in touch with many of my SL friends, as so many of us are spending less time in SL and more in other pursuits such as WoW or LOTR. Another cool feature is the ability to stream content from YouTube, flickr, and other platforms as part of the thread to share funny, amusing, or heart wrenching content in an easy to view format.

Plurk however is not without it’s abusers as well. Do you really care to read every action somebody is making, or is it just a ploy to keep the individuals karma up? I find that I tend to fall into a trap at times of just saying “Hi, I’m here”, and “Bye, I’m leaving or going to bed.” So far I have resisted weeding down my friends list, but I think that a few will be getting removed at some point soon, just because I find myself kinda bored sifting through their updates. Public displays of affection are great, but if that is more than 50% of your plurks then the reading populace is gonna get bored with it, and probably a lil annoyed. There are other social climbers out there just trying to gather attention for themselves by building a huge friends list, and getting their lil boost of ego each day. I am beginning to train myself to focus on getting quality content, and who cares about the karma aspect. Plurk and work don’t go hand in hand anyways.

My biggest complaint about plurk though is that I find myself a lot more tempted to turn a witty observation on the day into a 140 character plurk, and I am avoiding taking the time to actually sit down and develop the idea into a blog post. It is right there, easy to do, and you get immediate feedback from other users who are monitoring their timelines. Everybody is different, but for me a blog post is work. I enjoy doing it, but it takes me a while to actually sit down and write one. Plurk on the other hand is easy, and I get more comments via plurk than I do via blog post. I have covered before how I enjoy getting feedback on my posts, even if it is from the religious right crackheads. Therefore, in my case at least I really think Plurk is reducing the number of blogs I write, because I am already communicating my thoughts with my readers through Plurk. It is sort of the low-calorie blogging alternative.