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Twitter blessings & social circus…

Posted in Real Life with tags , , , , on October 19, 2009 by ♥JellyBean♥

Hawks was not kidding when he wrote his Revolution post yesterday where he said“Now all of a sudden, I am running into people at every event and all over town that are extremely wired into both lives that they lead, and it is fun to literally have an option for a social function any night of the week.”

Let me share with you our weekend via pics & minimal commentary…

Friday Night – Late Night at the Phog:

Bryan & three of the loverly KU dancers.

Full house at Allen Field House… This is how HUGE KU Basketball is. 16,300 packed the Fieldhouse to watch the late night practice!

Saturday – Baldwin City Maple Festival:

I made a story on Whrrl that you can see if you click here. For some reason I can’t ever get it imbeded into my blog posts. Boo!

Powered by Whrrl

Sunday – 23rd Street Brewery Pizza Party:

23rd Street Brewery offered all their Twitter followers a free one topping pizza last night. It sort of became a mini tweetup/pizza party. Hawks, me, Ashley, Jessica, Andrew, Travis, Zack, Briana and two other folks I can’t remmy all went. Jessica took that pic of me last night at the Pizza Party. I think that’s her thumb in it. LOL!

That’s my weekend in a nutshell. I’m thinking pretty soon Hawks & I are going to need more than a google calender to keep up with our social circus. It really has been a blessing, for me at least, to meet all these great people on Twitter. I finally feel like I fit in here in Lawrence… and it feels good!

Okay enough mushy shit. I haven’t decided yet if I want to switch Free State of Mind over into a real-life blog or not. We have Our Lawrence for that but I was thinking that this one might be more personal. It isn’t like we haven’t planted little seeds of real life here before. It seems sort of fitting since we named it “Free State” after me moving here to the Free State to be with Hawks.  I’ll let you know what we decide.


Now back to your regularly scheduled proggies…

Posted in Holidays, Real Life with tags , on May 26, 2008 by ♥JellyBean♥

Wowzers! What a weekend. Fresh air is good for you, apparently. Fishie toilet water (a.k.a fresh God-made wholesome streams) is good for you too… kayaking however is only good for you if everyone has their own kayak. Just saying. Oh and fishing is like enlightening and some shit, but only if you are *not* the fish. I hope everyone had a fun-filled safe Memorial Day weekend. Have a great week! Mwah!

jOMG! We fell off the grid…

Posted in Fun & Games, Real Life with tags , , on May 19, 2008 by ♥JellyBean♥

Haha! We haven’t forgot about you guys, seriously. We’ve been super RL busy and playing WoW. When Hawks starts something, he doesn’t go at it half ass… He is insane when it comes to leveling up his char. As for me, well, apparently I cannot make up my mind on what char I wanna stick with – my rogue or my warrior. We’ve met some really irritating people and some really nice people in WoW and love that our server is so small that we run into them without hunting them down frequently. Like Kruser… he just started wearing pants in WoW and we’re very proud of him. GO KRU-MAN!

As for RL I feel like we’ve been going non-stop. Every weekend is something. Yesterday was an all day trip to the KC Zoo. That was a lot of walking, sunburns, and man, I’m just pooped! Tonight though, are ya ready?

We’re going to see the CURE in concert. Hawks bought the tickets back in March & we’ve been counting down the days til today. Wuwu!

We’ll be back soon with posts of substance & wholesome goodness. Promise. Mwah!

The SL Slump…

Posted in Observations, SecondLife® with tags , , , , on March 19, 2008 by ♥JellyBean♥

Lifeless cliches, emptily flashy style, plastic characters and armpit of blehness? Yah, I’m feeling it, and I’m not the only one according to the comments on my last post. I wonder what actually causes it in most others. I think I know why I have mine… One being the lack of what I “want” in SL, and also what I now “have” in RL with Hawks.

There was a time where I was consumed with SL, sometimes spending anywhere from 6-12+ hours a day inworld. Omg! Why? Who does that? Ignoring RL and losing myself in the virtual dream world. Even after I got a job (back when I lived in Hawaii), I would still spend as much time in between shifts, days off, etc in SL. Myg had wrote a very great post along the similar lines and like I said in my comment there, it wasn’t obvious then as to why I spent so much time online, but it is very much so now – I was unhappy, on Prozac for awhile (though I still disagree about being depressed – I believe I was just in a bad sitch), and found it much easier to pretend I really wasn’t there if I was in SL.

Now I find myself logging in to just stand around like furniture (just ask Aka). I usually plop at our virtual home and sit in IM with people I’ve tried to keep in touch with. I just can’t seem to find that SL spark I use to have there. I’m bored. Everything that was there for me is now here in my real life… Hawks, entertainment, exploration, shopping (have you been to haha.

Hawks & I may live in two different places but see each other often enough, though I love being in his arms in SL, RL is so much warmer. My wonderful boys & the crazy people I work with provide enough entertainment and there are like a zillion different venues in my new town. Speaking of my new town, I love exploring downtown with the awesome window displays, hidden history & fabulous eateries. I’m beyond RL content, that SL is starting to feel like a faded dream that provided me training wheels til I was ready to ride on my own on the outside.

As for everyone else, I can’t answer as to why some of you are suffering from SL blehness… I’d love to hear your theories though. It seems like this happens every year (sometimes more than once a year) around the same time. Mayhaps it has to do with RL seasons? SL overkill? Lack of finding things to entertain you inworld? Slipping interests in stuff you use to like? You tell me, I’d love to know.