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2nd Rez Day – Retrospective

Posted in Observations, SecondLife®, Uncategorized with tags , , , , on December 16, 2008 by hawksrock

So I have this big tradition of sitting down and writing a reflective post on my rez day to look back and share all my learnings with those younger than myself so hopefully they won’t hafta learn the hard way like I did.   Okay, yeah so I totally just BS’ed that line, and I have only had one other rez day so it isn’t like a long-standing tradition and all, but whatever!

It just feels like I should say something since I did last year here.   Since I did a top 25 list last year, let’s see if I have learned 10 more this year.


1)  Being a premium member doesn’t really enhance your experience any unless you are a land baron.

2)  It is all about the relationships.   Period.  I get more excited about a great convo with friends, than the coolest build in the entire metaverse.

3)  Sometimes it is better to sit a day on a heated post than to post it, but you will get more traffic and honesty if you just hit the go button.

4)  Plurk is quickly becoming my new SL.   If we started streaming music while plurking as DJ’s it would meet about 80% of my satisfaction I get from SL.

5)  Don’t be afraid to cut emo’s from your list rather than just watching them cut themselves and tell you every little detail of it.   It gets pretty old and predictable fast.

6)  Not only do a lot of dudes play ugly women AV’s and think they are hiding it (FAIL)  but also women play hot male AV’s and hide it well (DOH!).

7)  If you start a relationship with someone’s alt.   They are gonna cheat on you within the year.

8)  If you make something you enjoy into work, then you aren’t going to enjoy it anymore.

9)  A long conversation over a slow dance is ten times more meaningful than over IM or while standing around.

10) It is possible to find RL love in SL, and to make it work.   🙂


Happy 4th Rez Day!!!

Posted in Holidays, SecondLife® with tags , on July 29, 2008 by hawksrock

Four years ago today a pretty awesome human, decided to make the leap out of TSO and into a relatively new online venture known as Second Life.   Every single one of us is glad she made that move!!  But none moreso than myself, who would never have met miss JellyBean Madison had it not been for Second Life.

She has laughed, cried, fallen in and out of love, brought down the wrath of righteous fury upon exes, DJ’ed, written for the establishment as a fashion blogger, taken on the establishment as Head Mean Girl, won more money at Tringo than many people have spent in SL period (only to put it all back into the pot/tip), danced, giggled, built a not so tiny empire, single handedly built the reputation of up and coming designers, gone toe to toe with a few big names, created her own store, outfitted hundreds with her gestures, and shared it with each and every one of you every step of the way.

But more importantly than anything else, stolen the heart and wrapped it up in a tight little box (hmmm why does everything I write end up sounding sexualized) and thrown away the key of one man named HawksRock Gunawan.   Thank you for being you, and for sharing your spark and zest for life with the rest of us.   Happy rez day baby!   Love you mostest.