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Happy Birthday Goop!

Posted in Real Life with tags , , on August 26, 2008 by ♥JellyBean♥

August is the month of birthdays for my lil family here in Kansas. Brody’s 12th birthday was 3 weeks ago & tomorrow is lil Goop’s 9th Bday.

I have to say that I am extremely proud of both of my boys and how they’ve adjusted to everything since we moved here almost 7 months ago. They are my lil troopers.

Goop has grown up so much, has an awesome personality & cracks me up daily. I hope this is the bestest birthday DooBeeDooo Goop!

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday Dear Goooooooop

Happy Birthday to You

Mommy, errr excuse me, “Mom”  loves you very much! ❤


More than you ever needed to know…

Posted in Observations, Real Life with tags , , on August 12, 2008 by ♥JellyBean♥

I think memes have seasons. Like they die off for awhile like leaves in fall, but then they fully come a’bloomin again later, like spring. Anyroo, this should put every meme to rest on my side anyways. Haha!

Who the hell is JellyBean Madison/Kimberlee:

I don’t like onions – cooked, caramelized, raw or otherwise. However I do love onion rings. I don’t eat seafood, none, not ever, don’t even ask me to, BUT I do use oyster sauce in my Spring Rolls. I love cheese… my favorite is Port Wine but it doesn’t really matter much as long as it isn’t stinky cheese, yet I never eat cheese on my burgers. I love avocados & will eat them with a spoon & nothing else. I refuse to eat hotdogs, unless of course they are uncooked & frozen solid. It’s like a hotdog pawp of wub. I do not eat chicken or anything else that is on the bone where I must rip the meat off like a savage. I do like crispy chicken tenders though with a side of Buttermilk Ranch.

I prefer winter over summer when I feel I am getting full use out of my layers of clothing. I would rather be wearing a ton of clothes than opposed to fewer. I like the cold because it’s a lot easier to get warm than it is to cool down, most times.

My favorite flower is the daffodil. It has a lot of meaning to me… it represents the new hope and promise of the longer days brought by springtime. Also the American Cancer society has Daffodil Days which I participated in every year when I lived in California. To the ACS it represents the hope we all share for a future where cancer is no longer a life-threatening disease. I’ve lost a lot of family to cancer, daffodils help me to remember.

My favorite color was & still is green though since my 4 years in SL, pink has seeped into my RL. I find myself buying more pink things (i.e purse, laundry basket, etc).

I use to collect frog things – figurines, pens, garden crap, etc. It was so bad once that no one knew what to get me for my birthday because chances were if it was frog-related, I owned it. Now I seem to have a tenancy to collect monkey & penguin crap.

I don’t wear a lot of jewelry mostly because I can’t afford any. I prefer sterling silver to gold because I believe gold is ugly & gawdy. I bought myself this petite cute silver necklace, and it broke. *saddness* I have a total of 9 piercings (3 in one ear, 4 in the other, tongue & nose). I rarely ever wear my tongue ring anymore but never take out my nose ring. I have a total of 4 tattoos, 2 of which from early teenhood are so minor that no one really notices them. My bigger ones are a tramp-stamp on my lower back of a frog peeking out of a pond, and a yellow jacket on my right ankle with B.W.A (Bitch With Attitude) underneath it.

I enjoy playing & watching basketball. I watch football every year and would love a fantasy team this season. I’m not a fan of the Olympics.

I’m a single mom and have my two youngest boys here with me. My oldest, my daughter, stayed in Hawaii. Juggling life & motherhood on my own is hard, sucks on most days, but in the end it’s worth it (mostly when they’re asleep). *smiles*

I’m a self-taught html/css coder with minor graphic knowledge. By that I mean I know enough Photoshop to keep my ass afloat. :p

Some of my favorite random things are puppies, duckies, chickens, sunny but cool days, snow, pickle sammiches, my toes, snuggling with my Hawks at every opportunity anywhere, picnics, music (all but country & death metal), road trips, water, driving boats (I really should invest in one someday), being creative, driving my car, sleeping in, playing footsies, Young Elvis, Ludo, Morrissey *swoons*, slow dancing by candlelight, Saturdays, LOLcat, and I’m sure there’s more but this post is getting insanely long.

This should cover most if not all memes. I think. Hah!


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Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Dear Brody!
Happy Birthday To You

That’s a pic of my 12 year old. Today is his birthday! Yay! It was really tough on him being so far from his sister & he called me in tears, but more cookies helped! 🙂


Life in the Carpool Lane – Personal Freedoms

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Thank you for the bestest birthday evah…

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on June 21, 2008 by hawksrock

So basically my birthday festivities started off last night when I arrived at my place to find it all decorated with balloons and streamers.   What an awesome surprise that was.   Then we had a great day today, where I spent the morning with my kids, and then the evening with Jell attending a free outdoor Jazz concert, known locally as Jazz in the Woods.   The first woman was sort of okay…  lol.   She just butchered a rendition of Killing Me Softly by the Fugees, that just about made me wanna call Lauryn Hill up and be like, can’t you sue somebody over that?   I mean vocal gymnastics are cool and all, but she did it up pretty awesome the first time around… ya know!

Luckily, she was just the opening act and things just got better and better as the evening progressed.   The second guy was Grady Nichols, and man could he play the sax!   Awesome!   I really loved a couple of his songs, especially one he called “Bad Attitude.”   He lost a little coolness factor when he said he was inspired to play Jazz by the Weather Channel when he was growing up, but he made up for it with an awesome sax!

The headliner, was a group called Average White Band.  Of course the first thing you notice is that one of the band members is black, and it kinda makes you wonder how he felt joining up with this band.   Hey man, we got a great gig for you where they are needing a kick ass bass player… and you are just the man for it!   He is like, sweet what a great gig.  Then signs the contract and shows up to his first show, to learn the name of the band is Average White Band, and is like ahhh shit!   lol.   I don’t know the story, but again, they were great and very fun to listen to.

One thing I have figured out though, is that somehow attending a live event with Jell is exactly the same in RL as it is in SL.   We like to people watch…  we like to joke around…  we like to talk dirty…  

Just a couple of general observations:

1)  Gender neutral people (ie women who look like men who look like women) really enjoy events which utilize the johnny on the spot bathroom system, cuz they don’t have to get called out by picking one line to stand in by gender.

2)  When you get older sometimes it is hard to determine if a mosquito is hanging off your ear lobe or if it is a tuft of hair.

3) Old people cuddling/being affectionate is very cute.   Old people tonguing each other right in front of where you are sitting, is kind of enough to turn your stomach.   I still hope I am one of the old people who is tonguing Jell, and making other people squirm someday.

4) Younger people don’t necessarily appreciate cultural things like Jazz, but if there is a big incline hill to roll down, football to be played, funnel cakes, and a 20 ft fountain to run through then all is well with the world.

Most of all I just wanna thank all of you who read Jell’s last post and in your mind’s eye for a flit of a second wished me a happy birthday, but were too down on life to comment!  A big thanks for the good vibes I was getting all day long!  I could feel em transmuting to my brain, via the electrostatic currents.   Or it might have just been all the incense and pot smoking fumes from the concert… not sure which!   🙂

Just messing with ya!   Most of all I really wanna thank Jell for putting on the bestest birthday bash/extravaganza evah, and it is already 10:45 pm and the festivities are just beginning.   I mean we haven’t even had ice cream cake yet…   :p

Happy Birthday to my Man Muffin!

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For all of those that don’t know, today is Hawks’ RL bday. So I wanted to post a lil somethin somethin for him. 🙂

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Hawks

Happy Birthday to you

I’m not sure if I want to thank your parents or just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Either way I am so happy to have you in my lives & glad to be making this journey with you. You may think I’m a lil weird sometimes (funny weird, not weird-weird, and not funny as in weird, haha) and you still put up with me. I hope this birthday is better than the last and the next is better than this one. I love you tote & completely. MWAH my heart.

P.s. Aowowowowowowowowowowowo! A-hunga-hunga-hunga-hunga, Hawks Jump on it! 😀

It’s my alien offspring & when it hatches…

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Ever have one of those uber random days? Welcome to my life. Hah! I’ve learned that it’s just not easy to be pink, seriously.

Anyroo, update time. I was accepted at JCCC (Johnston County Community College) where I will be starting with *one* class. Just one. Hey! Not all of us can be over-achievers like Hawks. Rofl! So expect me to be getting some graphic designs skills yO! Although Journalism/Creative Writing is still in my future but at the moment… I feel graphic designing is where I need to be.

As for SL, well Hawks & I have decided to completely tone down our SLifestyle, and we’re going to be like wandering gypsies. Oh yes! Good times. All we need is a Complete Me pillow from Pillow Talk and a place to bury my SLExchange box. I honestly cannot believe people have been buying my crap. In fact, I believe a bunch of noobs just discovered my gestures cause they’ve been selling like craaaaaazy!

Hmmm what else to say… Oh ya, scandalous times in SL? Minnu Skins & the Gogo Stiletto Moody classifieds controversy? My gosh! Hah! I bet you thought I was going to touch those two subjects, huh? Yah, not so much. Anyroo, back to bugging Hawks. Will write soon. Mwah!