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2nd Rez Day – Retrospective

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So I have this big tradition of sitting down and writing a reflective post on my rez day to look back and share all my learnings with those younger than myself so hopefully they won’t hafta learn the hard way like I did.   Okay, yeah so I totally just BS’ed that line, and I have only had one other rez day so it isn’t like a long-standing tradition and all, but whatever!

It just feels like I should say something since I did last year here.   Since I did a top 25 list last year, let’s see if I have learned 10 more this year.


1)  Being a premium member doesn’t really enhance your experience any unless you are a land baron.

2)  It is all about the relationships.   Period.  I get more excited about a great convo with friends, than the coolest build in the entire metaverse.

3)  Sometimes it is better to sit a day on a heated post than to post it, but you will get more traffic and honesty if you just hit the go button.

4)  Plurk is quickly becoming my new SL.   If we started streaming music while plurking as DJ’s it would meet about 80% of my satisfaction I get from SL.

5)  Don’t be afraid to cut emo’s from your list rather than just watching them cut themselves and tell you every little detail of it.   It gets pretty old and predictable fast.

6)  Not only do a lot of dudes play ugly women AV’s and think they are hiding it (FAIL)  but also women play hot male AV’s and hide it well (DOH!).

7)  If you start a relationship with someone’s alt.   They are gonna cheat on you within the year.

8)  If you make something you enjoy into work, then you aren’t going to enjoy it anymore.

9)  A long conversation over a slow dance is ten times more meaningful than over IM or while standing around.

10) It is possible to find RL love in SL, and to make it work.   🙂


50 First Dates – # 21 to #30

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Why oh why couldn’t that movie have been called 35 first dates… lol.

So here’s the deal, I am providing one more installment for tonight, then I am considering myself officially on vaca til after I get back from blowing shit up for the holidays which will be early next week (providing I can still type if I am missing a finger or two of course.)

Also, per another request, I made the pictures a little bigger this go around, although I will tell you that I was in and out of these spots in like 2 minutes flat, so I didn’t spend a lot of time setting up cool “artistic” shots. The point is to give a visual flavor to go along with the description, and to give Jell yet another reason for a costume change… as if she needed one.

#21 Paradise Blanket

Every guy should own a paradise blanket. It is like having a date in a box, where you can instantly rez at various altitudes any of a number of prepared scenic backdrops. You typically have to have 100 – 200 prims available for the sets. The beauty of these things is that if you plan ahead, you can go position dancing, sex, and/or cuddle balls in all the right spots to take an average backdrop and make it a role play heaven! The balls will still be right where you left them (provided you take the blanket back up to that same elevation). I linked here the free paradise blanket that can be found in Midnight Reflections, which is a great place to go try out all the various options, and then GO BUY ONE! I can’t even begin to describe the fun you can have with the office, hotel, beach, or even dungeon themed sets.

#22 Tunnel of Light

Another great addition by the Rezzable team, where you can take a 6.5 minute ride in a teacup through a visually captivating light show which was designed to showcase some of the effects in the Windlight viewer rollout. There is a new neon club addition, which was fun to look at, but would seriously hurt my head if I stayed for more than 10 minutes at a time.

#23 Dragon Moon Resort

Although we couldn’t track down the couple inner tubes which used to be a fav, this resort still provides lots of fun options for a date. You can hang out on the beach, ride one of the free provided jet skis, explore the island, go ice skating, and even snorkel all in the same great sim. Also feel free to bust out your dragon avi, because you are likely to see quite a few dragons carousing around.

#24 Castle Wars!

This one is always one of our personal fav’s, from the mind of RacerX. Basically you rez a catapult and each try to take out the other person(‘s) castle. Once all the pieces of your castle are taken out, you are out of the game. Very fun to play!

#25 Carnival of Doom

If you are just a little bit sick and or twisted and enjoy figuring out how many ways you can kill yourself off at an old abandoned amusement park, then this is a great date option! This one is actually one of my favorite sims, and inspired one of our machinima projects which you can view here if you are interested.

#26 Maximillion Kleene

I wasn’t able to slurl this one, since Max performs at a variety of places all across the grid, but all you have to do is search out his name under the event listings for live performers. There are a variety of really good live acts out there to choose from (although I recommend scouting out the band/performer at least once before inviting a date,) but Max is a great one, and comes with my personal stamp of approval.

#27 Heavenly Rose Garden

This particular one does not come highly recommended, but will do if you are in a bind (like say trying to come up with 50 first date locations.) This sim is basically a conglomeration of a bunch of different little scenes with pose balls set up for pictures. You might have a waterfall right next to a turkish tent, but as long as you work your camera angles you can still get some good shots with this sim, and if you are still relatively noobish be sort of impressed… lol. kk moving on.

#28 Butterfly Garden at Blue Note Jazz Club

The Blue Note Jazz Club is a pretty good jazz club, but one of the benefits they have is that they have a very nicely decorated garden area next to the club, which provides a nice scenic place to take a date. In particular, they have this little butterfly garden area set up with a slow dance ball in it to make for a scenic backdrop.

#29 Midnight Reflections

Not only does Midnight Reflections provide several free Paradise Blankets, but you can also explore the grounds for many scenic spots to take a date. You really can’t ever go wrong on a Complete Me pillow from Pillow Talk by Sandy Clymer, but there are also caves you can explore with running water, and treehouses complete with sex gen rugs in many of them.

#30 Chi

Sure we know the owners of this sim quite well, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most beautiful sims in SL. You can do Tai Chi, surf, or just explore the beautiful landscape surrounding the active volcano. Just whatever you do, keep an eye on that llama!

50 First Dates – #11 to #20

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A couple of quick housekeeping items:

1)  Yes I am posting this on both Freestate and AWNM, because it is a lot of work, and I figured I would provide it for the largest audience as possible.   I won’t do that very often, but I reserve the right to do it at times, so I apologize if you follow both blogs for the repeat.

2)  I did link the title of each pic with a slurl so you can tp directly to the location to try it out.   It sort of blends into the overall color scheme, and I did get a question about slurls.

3)  I promised to try to do 10 a day, so that is still the plan but I will be on vacation from Friday through Sunday this week, so that might get in the way, but you just have to deal!   🙂

Alrighty then as promised here is round two of the 50 first dates exercise.

#11 Innisfree Romantic Park

This is actually a great park with a pool, dancing area, and lots of special couple sit options that are scattered throughout the build.   It is very scenic and has trails that you can skate or bike to go along with the fun atmosphere.

#12 Art in the Park

This one is…. drumroll please…. art in the park.  duh!  lol    You can roam the sidewalks and see different exhibits by various artists.  I think that many of the pieces are for sale, including a few limited editions.   Not the best art I have seen in SL, but is still a fun diversion, and provides a great way to discuss what you like/don’t like about various pieces.

#13  Avilion Courtyard Area

If you go to Avilion and only spend time in the ballroom, then you are missing out on some great places to hang out.   This is one of them, which is around the castle to the side just beyond the hedge maze.   (The hedge maze itself might get its own slot, if I have trouble towards the end hitting 50.. haha!)  There are several scenic dancing spots around the campfire or in the gazebo overlooking the waterfalls.   Also, be sure to have your particles on so you can enjoy the prettiful light show.

#14  Scoutlounge Beach Club

If you are in the mood for a club experience, why not combine it with a beautiful beachfront build (my pic doesn’t do it justice).   The Scoutlounge plays some great house music, but you will want to check the event listings, because most of the shows are geared around European time zones.   Even if there is no event going, the stream is usually pretty good, and it provides a nice spot to kick back and relax.

#15 La Reve

A beautifully landscaped sim with incredible sculptures and lighting effects.   Where else can you sail around some incredible visuals on a bed?   Unfortunately the bed isn’t sex gen, and you can’t sit in a couple’s cuddle position, but it is still a great place to take a date and go explore.

#16 Moana’Ina Beach @ Weather Island

Surf’s up with some MONSTER waves at this great sim sponsored by the Weather Channel.   There are free surf boards you can use, and lots of waves to start working on your skills.   Before long you can join the SLSA and start entering some real surfing competitions.

#17 Apollo Gardens

Unless you are brand new to SL, I would find it hard to believe that you haven’t been to Apollo Gardens at some point, as it is one of the oldest most beautifully landscaped sims.   It provides a lot of room to go exploring, as well as many couple sits throughout the park.   The one downside to this place, is that it IS so well known, that almost every time I go here (including the 5 minutes to take this pic) someone ends up tp’ing in right on top of you because they logged out in your spot.   So keep in mind that there is a good chance of a cock block at any point when using this sim.

#18 VRR Virtual Reality Room

I was tempted to link to Wrath’s personal one, but thought that might get ME reported by HIM, and then blog wars, and all kinds of in-fighting and battles.   Well okay, I really was too lazy to climb all those trees to find the link.   Anyways, this is an awesome fun thing to do where you can sit in a 360 degree environment and pick RL scenic pictures to surround yourself with.   I think this is really fun, and you can rez dance balls into the center of it, which makes for some nice pics and a little different take on an otherwise ordinary dancing experience – throw in a personal music stream and your love’s favorite song, and SCORE!   🙂

#19 ING Renault F1 Go-carts

This is a really fun place to ride go-carts, and to learn more about F1 racing.   I will warn you though, that it DOES require you to wear a helmet to race, and it DOES take off your hair, so you are both baldies under those helmets.   You can however custom design your own helmet with your personal design and color scheme which is kinda fun (but she will still bitch that it takes her hair off, so best not to do as a first date, but maybe one down the road after you have already won her over.)

#20 Avilion Waterfall Skyboxes

Yet another quiet little spot taken from the Avilion sim with the castle in the distance.   On the other side of the river, across from the dancing gazebo, there are actually skyboxes built high up into the waterfalls, which you can teleport up to from the wooden walkway below.   They even show when they are occupied, so it should cut down on people dropping in on you.   Typically they each have a dance ball, and some cuddle options.   They make for a great place for those long quiet talks that go deep into the night.