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Tank Girl

Posted in JH Productions (Videos) with tags , , , , , on June 15, 2009 by hawksrock

So as long as I have known Jell she has wanted to make some sort of Tank Girl machinima.   She had all the props, the look, even several alts already decked out for all the lead roles.   It just never quite came together… until….    this past month.

We have always kicked around doing Tank Girl, but we knew we wanted to try and make it something bigger and badder than our normal videos which set a storyline to a song.   For this one we wanted voice, and actors, and explosions and all that jazz.   I have never messed much with sound editing, and I found that it is quite a chore to shoot a battle scene by layering in all the different guns, explosions, reloads, and such at the right time.

In the end, we want to thank all the people who helped this vid come together.   In particular, Miike for always being willing to come out on a moment’s notice to shoot or reshoot a scene.   We also want to thank Flix Saiman for teaching us how to blow up an outhouse. Overall, I am pretty happy with the results.   Most of all we learned a lot about sound editing, and even one scene which had stop motion animation in it.  These are all new tools for the arsenal, which we will be able to use in future JH productions.

For now, enjoy the show…


50 First Dates – #41 to #50

Posted in SecondLife®, SLove & Romance with tags , , , on July 9, 2008 by hawksrock

Woot! And now for the grand finale… just think if you did one of these a day then you would have 50 straight days of dates. So don’t say we aren’t out there trying to help you out. It is fun to watch all the slurls getting hammered on the outgoing links. I am glad to see a lot of you are making use of this list.

With this last installment, I would welcome any feedback with regards to favorite places that you have found either through this list or even elsewhere. I am always up for new spots, or would love to hear your favorite site from this list. If there are any you visited and didn’t like, I would welcome that as well along with why you didn’t enjoy it.

#41 Paradise Falls

If your idea of a romantic spot to dance is in front of an entire mountain of waterfalls, then this is the spot for you. There are literally waterfalls everywhere and they are gorgeous. There are 4 sims worth of interesting terrain and artwork to explore, but nothing beats the waterfall ballroom right at the entrance.

#42 The FAC

Another fun clubbing option is The FAC which has one of the best urban club builds in SL. You will have to check the listings for times, and most of the best DJ’s are on during European time zones, but this is still a must see club. I have attended a couple of events here and really enjoyed the mix of house and dance music that the DJ’s layered in.

#43 Love Poetry Path

I came across this place doing research for this post. It is pretty cheesy, but was an interesting idea that has a few fun interactions. It basically has stations that take you through the stages of a relationship from first meeting all the way through to retiring together as a couple at the end of your years. Each station has a poem, and some sort of interactive experience. I don’t want to spoil it, because it would ruin the experience, but it is a fun thing to do (probably not as a first date option, but more as an option with somebody you have been with for a while.) If you take it half ways serious, then you will most definitely score some “awwww” points if nothing else.

#44 Tringo

Jell and I first met playing tringo, and continue to play together to this day so it has a special place in our lives for us. If you are into simple puzzle games, and have a competitive streak then you should try Tringo because it is a fun way to hang with your partner. Many places have dancing/cuddle options which you can try out while you play. If you want to find a game, try joining the group Tringo 2.0 Addicts because most of the major players spam in that group when a game is starting. (Note that I waited to take this pic until I had overtaken Jell… lol.)

#45 Transylvania

You can role play as a vamp, but you can also just enjoy the lush build of Transylvania. They have a great club there which has some great live performers, a museum which takes you through the history of vampires in television and film, but my favorite spot is the huge gothic mansion. I love the plush textures, and if you go exploring you will find many pose balls hidden throughout the rooms and in all sorts of combinations.

#46 Le Zoo

I was kind of sad to see that my old favorite zoo closed (Imagination Breeding Zoo), but luckily there are other options. Le Zoo is best known for its shopping, but it offers a great penguin exhibit along with quite a few other animals. You can also kill time checking out the playground equipment.

#47 Venice, Italy

You can enjoy touring the city of canals (minus the smell) by foot, balloon, or gondola. It is a great build which feels very true to the actual Venice, Italy.

#48 Midsomer Isle

If you like Acropolis, Apollo, or Gardens of Bliss then this is another build in that vein. It is loaded with beautiful scenery throughout and many couples options and dances set up. There is a ballroom overlooking the ocean, and many paths to explore. You can typically find out of the way snuggle spots that feel secluded.

#49 Phoenix Isle

A nice scenic spot for some dancing in this residential sim.

#50 Anywhere you drop a pose ball!

As a parting message, I urge each of you to be on the constant lookout for anywhere that allows build where you can drop some dance balls. For this pic, I dropped a slow dance V7 on the top of a building in Midnight City. Just watch out for the auto return which is set at 5 minutes, and you can have a breathtaking dance all to yourself with a beautiful skyline backdrop. Basically, BE CREATIVE people! Also, if you are a sim owner with some gorgeous builds, then please allow build/rezzing for just this purpose. If you set the autoreturn then you can eliminate most of the issues, except for the most evil intentioned grievers.

And that’s all folks, happy dating out there, and I hope you enjoyed the series.