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Public Service Announcement

Posted in Observations with tags , , on March 24, 2008 by hawksrock

I am saddened to have to inform the population at large of this fact, but I have just recently discovered a deep hidden dark secret in my pink haired princess that must be shared with the world. It appears that she is a full on poultry molester. She harbors delusions of one day having her own chickens again to enable her to build a coop from which she can sex chickens with her pinkie finger. I know, I was rather shocked myself. I will spare you the long graphic detail as to how this process is completed, because I am still trying to finish my dinner. For a period of time, I am keeping all poultry safely out of reach, and I have a crack staff of therapists working around the clock to try to help Jell figure out that sexing chickens in this manner is not socially acceptable (even if it is a common practice in Tennessee.)

As long as we are talking poultry I will leave you with a little joke I heard today at work.

Question: What did the egg say to the boiling water?

Answer: It is gonna be a minute until I get hard, because I just got laid by that chick.