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Just Like Heaven

Posted in Real Life with tags , on May 20, 2008 by hawksrock

Okay, it is uber late, and I am really tired, but we just got back and I wanted to share my quick reaction.


For those of you who may not know this about me, I am a HUGE Cure fan.  (In fact, when I was DJ’ing regularly we did all Cure sets about once a month.)  But much to my chagrin, I have never ever seen them perform live in concert.   Long story as to why, but life happens sometimes.

Well unfortunately tonight Robert Smith was having vocal cord issues, and he apologized for not being able to “fucking sing”.   He had a limited range, and at times was hard to hear over the music, but STILL it was mother effin ROBERT SMITH on the stage singing the songs.   As Jell said, OMG he looks just like he always has – only fatter!  (Which I have to say was actually a true statement, zOMG it was ROBERT fuckin SMITH!!)

ROBERT fuckin SMITH said that he was feeling romantic tonight, so the set list featured all the best in love songs the Cure could offer, which made the dancing with Jell in front of our seats all the more special.  Although she did have to come sprinting back from using the restroom, as she heard the actual “Lovesong” being played.  

I will forgive ROBERT fuckin SMITH for his vocal cord issues, given that I can fully appreciate the fact that he was still trying to give it his all, even to the point that he couldn’t even speak out loud for the final thank you anymore without his voice breaking.   I do have a major issue with the fact that they never once played A Forest though, that is one song I really wanted to hear.   But overall the set list was awesome!   Amazing how they can blend the slower depressing stuff right into the set, and then crank it back up.   You can tell they really planned out the order for maximum effect.   Great blend of new and older stuff.   Hey they still played for OVER 3 hours, even with his voice giving him fits!

I can’t wait til they come back, and we can appreciate his full range!   You gotta know that we are gonna be there!!   Hella yeah!


jOMG! We fell off the grid…

Posted in Fun & Games, Real Life with tags , , on May 19, 2008 by ♥JellyBean♥

Haha! We haven’t forgot about you guys, seriously. We’ve been super RL busy and playing WoW. When Hawks starts something, he doesn’t go at it half ass… He is insane when it comes to leveling up his char. As for me, well, apparently I cannot make up my mind on what char I wanna stick with – my rogue or my warrior. We’ve met some really irritating people and some really nice people in WoW and love that our server is so small that we run into them without hunting them down frequently. Like Kruser… he just started wearing pants in WoW and we’re very proud of him. GO KRU-MAN!

As for RL I feel like we’ve been going non-stop. Every weekend is something. Yesterday was an all day trip to the KC Zoo. That was a lot of walking, sunburns, and man, I’m just pooped! Tonight though, are ya ready?

We’re going to see the CURE in concert. Hawks bought the tickets back in March & we’ve been counting down the days til today. Wuwu!

We’ll be back soon with posts of substance & wholesome goodness. Promise. Mwah!