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Zdra-stvu-eetee and das vadanya…

Posted in FYI, Real Life with tags , on April 18, 2009 by ♥JellyBean♥


Jinkies! I rarely come here anymore. In fact, I rarely blog anymore – at all. So let me give you a little update on stuffs. First of all the newest news is that I joined a gym yesterday… Go me! Day two & I’ve used my membership twice… so far, so good. I really need a motivator because if you can’t be honest with yourself, who can you be honest with… I’m really freaking lazy! Period! So I made my 12 year old son join with me. Hah!

We also quietly launched our new RL website/blog – Our Lawrence. Basically Hawks had the idea that we should document why Lawrence is so cool, well ok. I’m on that! *wink*

Okay as for my virtual slife… Hawks is not feeling the SL groove at the moment and I kinda am. We’re at like opposite ends of the spectrum – I want to make machinima, DJ, dance & shop and well… he wants to play WoW! *sigh* Don’t get me wrong, I loves me some WoW but gosh I’m so tired of working on quest after quest to slowly hit lvl 80. We’re currently lvl 78 DKs somewhere in an area that looks just like that area we were in a month ago but isn’t the same area where we are killing shit that sorta resembles those other things but are totally named different things. Ya know how it is.

Now on to my other other other virtualness… Plurk! Ya it’s still there. In fact it’s right here. Hawks isn’t feeling that either much. But yah he’s still there too, in fact he’s right here. We also have Brutes, yup Brutes. You know how I hate being a sheep, ya I know don’t baaaaaaaaaaa-ther. I only think you’re a sheep if you’re like the 8th+ person to join something. Hahahaha! Well as any good plurky flock, we all got Brutes, then we all got Brute alts cause you know we really honestly just want world domination & clones of our true selves. Yup! Omg! Stop looking at me like that, you were thinking it too, I just had the guts to say it outloud! Pfft!

Well that’s it for now. The best place to actually keep up with me would be plurk, so just watch my timeline or something cause I update often.

Das vadanya *waves*


Reprieve from the heat…

Posted in Real Life with tags , on August 9, 2008 by ♥JellyBean♥

Wowzers Kansas has been hot – reaching above 100° degree temps. I’m not use to this at all. In Hawaii it was always between 75° -85° everyday rain or shine. My commute doesn’t make the weather any more enjoyable either.

Today though we are cruising with a current temp of 72° / low of 64°. It’s also raining which is a nice change. Hawks is at work today, sadly, but it’s nice to know that he’s not roasting as usual. He’s already worked something like 14 days straight without a day off. Craziness! I would have gone ballistically insane by now.

My day is consisting of continuing my laundry saga. School starts on Wednesday & I wanted to make sure that there isn’t one piece of dirty clothing in this house to be found. I’m so glad it’s not hot today as I trek back & forth to Hawks’ house to switch loads. 😉

Well that’s my update… Hopefully Hawks will get time off soon to catch up on sleep, energy, and bloggin. 🙂

Oh My Wow! There I go again – Forgetting we had a blog.

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Okay so I suppose this is update time. Usually I don’t do this until I get an IM asking wtf I’ve been. I guess ya’ll are getting use to it by now. Hah!

Apparently my puter is still functional. Dr. Dave came over & ran all kinds of checks and the good news is that it was *not* my hard drive. However, my ex had 4 sticks of memory in my puter that were all different manufacturers. I guess over time they start to break down & have a hard time communicating with each other when you do that. Needless to say I went from 3.25 gigs (I think) down to 1 gig of RAM. *sigh* Everything runs laggy to me. Not too laggy, it’s bearable but still sorta annoying. I’ve made Dr. Dave & his partner Terrance the Primary Care Physicians for my puter from here on out. It’s sorta nice to have my puter seen & treated all on the same day.

Other than that, Hawks & I have been in WoW where I am happy to announce that I have stayed with one char long enough to hit 32! Yup! My hoofie pallie has lvl’d up and has a warhorse mount that I call “Peanut”. Long story, but the name is fitting.

We will also be in SL more coming up here because we have a couple video ideas that we’re tossing around. That’s all I can say because well, Hawks does that stuff. :p

I think that’s it for now. I gotta play me some tringo! Toodles

It’s my alien offspring & when it hatches…

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Ever have one of those uber random days? Welcome to my life. Hah! I’ve learned that it’s just not easy to be pink, seriously.

Anyroo, update time. I was accepted at JCCC (Johnston County Community College) where I will be starting with *one* class. Just one. Hey! Not all of us can be over-achievers like Hawks. Rofl! So expect me to be getting some graphic designs skills yO! Although Journalism/Creative Writing is still in my future but at the moment… I feel graphic designing is where I need to be.

As for SL, well Hawks & I have decided to completely tone down our SLifestyle, and we’re going to be like wandering gypsies. Oh yes! Good times. All we need is a Complete Me pillow from Pillow Talk and a place to bury my SLExchange box. I honestly cannot believe people have been buying my crap. In fact, I believe a bunch of noobs just discovered my gestures cause they’ve been selling like craaaaaazy!

Hmmm what else to say… Oh ya, scandalous times in SL? Minnu Skins & the Gogo Stiletto Moody classifieds controversy? My gosh! Hah! I bet you thought I was going to touch those two subjects, huh? Yah, not so much. Anyroo, back to bugging Hawks. Will write soon. Mwah!

I’ll take a 12 oz Diet Drama please…

Posted in Observations, Real Life, SecondLife® with tags , on May 21, 2008 by ♥JellyBean♥

Jinkies! Again I am feeling disconnected from SecondLife. I know, I know… it’s mostly my fault. Okay – it’s really all my damn fault. I got sucked in to WoW and I now have a semi-charmed kinda real life, plus I work like all the farking time it seems.

I miss my SL. Hawks isn’t necessarily at the same point I am though. I think I miss my friends & tringo the most. I still log in everytime I see something I want on Bloglines, but then I zip there via SLURL, buy it, wear it and log out. That’s some really crappy quality of SL. Poor Jell! My hooman is keeping her in her box & that’s just sad. *tear*

I think I am planning a come-back, for reals yo. I find that WoW is super addictive and well…

WoW + boyfriend + WoW playing boyfriend = less SL for Jelly

Just saying.

I haven’t forgot ya’ll and I will kick Hawks into gear with the next installment of our story. Promise. Mwah!


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Omfg! Could I have taken a longer sabbatical from my computer-life? Jeebus! As Hawks said in his last post, my puter took a major shit on me 2 weeks ago. As of today the puter place just got back to me to let me know it hit the bench, blew the 2nd hard-drive and gave me two options. I chose to say fuck it to a $180 hard-drive replacement & just go pick it up. So here I am with less hard-drive, but nevertheless still here. Wuwu!

So here is what I know – Hawks & I have been getting our asses kicked by our RL jobs. Putting in a ton of hours (okay so Hawks is definitely working more hours than me, but for me 40 is a lot) & squeezing in the massive KU festivities that have been going on around us for the past two weeks. We’ve had very little time for much else, but now that I am back I can finally start unleashing all the blog posts I’ve had stored up in my head. Yes, blog posts… these are things I think of while chicken molesting. Hah!


So there ya have it in a shell of a nut! :p Stay tuned…