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At least I have a positive attitude about my destructive habits…

Posted in Observations with tags , , on May 22, 2009 by ♥JellyBean♥

Excuse me while I get on *my* selfish, self-centered, superior, holier than thou soapbox of why I don’t give a shit…

*adjusts her prims & flips her flexi-hair*

I’m not a sheep, I don’t care to be loved by the residents of SecondLife, be popular or even be invited to the in-crowd’s lunch table. I take full blame or credit (depending on the day) for everything that I do & things that I may say. Like the title says, I’m pretty okay with all that.

Yes, I play SL, oh did I say that? “Play SL”? Of course I do. I don’t live there anymore like I use to and I found that reality on the outside is a pretty damn good place. Okay so you can’t change the sky with windlight… but living in Kansas, you don’t have to. It’s on a 5 minute timer and changes on it’s own. Not to mention that it’s quickly approaching summer and my friend Kelso says Vitamin D from real sun rays is good for you.

With all that said, I find most things in SL completely laughable. I know some residents are die-hards like I use to be and easily get butt hurt over the stupidest virtual things. So I do still have a soft spot because trust me, I do remember. I also know that not everyone has my sense of humor. Sometimes it seems a little sick & twisted but honestly I’m not truly a vengeful person.

So this blog post is to those out there that don’t “get me”… it’s okay you don’t have to but if you could pull your heads a little further out of your virtual asses & read into things how they actually are (in a humorous way) you’re lives would be a little less dramz and a lil more *squee*.

*bows, steps of soapbox, trips, gets up & tries to walk away gracefully*


Slacker? Me?

Posted in Real Life with tags on June 14, 2008 by ♥JellyBean♥

This post is just a general observation – just go with it. Hah! Okay so nothing irritates me more than “breaktime” people during the work day. I go outside a couple times a day because well, *I* need the fresh air. I finger that if I worked my ass off (which I feel I do) for a straight 8 hours everyday without stepping out for 10-15 min every now & then, I might go completely postal and/or my head may explode… and we seriously don’t want that. Trust me, *we* don’t! I usually go out back & call Hawks, Rosie, or Aka & talk for like I said earlier 10-15 min. However the “breaktime” peeps I’m talking about are the smokers that invade my area. No, I don’t have a prob with smokers, I know how it is – been there.

It’s just the way those *other* people make me feel when they rush outside take two puffs, put out their cig & rush back into the building. Look… just because you rush out for a nic-fix, doesn’t make me a slacker because I sit out there conversing on my cell while I inhale the scents of [insert name of this week’s flower here] and though I know it’s not intentional on their part – it’s just the way I interpret shit. So hey breaktime peeps, work will still be there tomorrow, enjoy that whole smoke, call a friend on your cell, order Jimmy Johns for delivery (jOMG JIMMY MOTHERFOOKIN JOHNS *cream*), or just sit on your ass. It’s okay!

End Vent. Thank you!

P.s. Rosie has a brand spankin *Aye Papi* bloggity blog – You know you wanna bookmark it!